The tissue must be fixed 10% formalin in pathology labs and after grossing process these tissue must be keep aorund 6 months or more according to rules of ministry of health.  These storage  tissues are formalin fumes sources in pathology lab because formalin that evoporates from the specimen container. For this reason Ventilated tissue  cabinet is essential for all pathology labs.


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STRUCTURE304 quality stainless steel structure, thickness 1.0mm
Stainless steel sliding doors
Solid Door with Hinges
Security Glass Door with SS Frame
Height adjustable Shelves, 5 pcs
Retention Bath on the Base
VENTILATIONExternal Fan with Case
Flexible Ventilation Hose, 10.0m
Galvanized Steel Spiral Duct, 1.0m
Carbon Filter
Alumina + KMnO4 filter
Filter Counter
Main Switch
Led Lighting, activated by doors

Available Features

304 quality stainless steel structure, thickness 1.2mm
Additional shelf


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