Hospital pathology laboratories are dangerous places to work due to the many hazardous chemicals employed during histology and molecular biology techniques. Our main goal to provide them safety pathology lab with waste management solution, portable chemical extractor, ventilated hood for tissue processor, ventilated hood for tissue. Our new design Portable Automated Waste Solvent Collection & Transferring Module prevent inhalation while transfer to solvent recycler device.We also focus on to reduce chemical consumption cost in pathology labs. Solvent recycler device can provide approximately 90% reduce the waste management cost and purchasing cost.Automated formalin preparation and dispensing device reduce purchasing cost of Neutral buffer 10% formalin because don’t need to buy ready to use formalin, buy concentrated formalin and let the device prepare for you the same quality as ready to use formalin every preparation. Thanks to dispensing features, getting formalin any of working table tap, thus there won’t be any inhalation problem.

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