We understand the needs of each pathology professional and, accordingly, with our products with high quality, ergonomics, superior safety and high technology, we offer solutions that are suitable for the workflows required by each laboratory and increase user safety to the maximum level.

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Structure304 Quality Stainless Steel Structure, Thickness 1.0mm
316 Quality Stainless Steel Working Table, Thickness 1.5mm
Perforated Work Table
Backdraft & Downdraft Ventilation
Security Glass Shelf on the Upper Part
Cabinet for Bottom Part
VentilationInternal Fan
Flexible Ventilation Hose
Galvanized Steel Spiral Duct, 1.0m
Fan speed control
Carbon Filter
Alumina + KMnO4 filter
Filter Counter
Filter Saturation Alarm
Main Switch
Emergency Stop Button
Emergency Max Speed for Exhaust Fan
Manual control for Led Light
Both Manual Control and Proximity Sensor for Led Light
Manual control for fan
Both Manual Control and Proximity Sensor for Fan
Both Manual Control and Proximity Sensor for Rinse
Manual control for waste disposer
Both Manual Control and Proximity Sensor for Waste Disposer
Led Lighting
Light Intensity Control
Electrical Outlet, Single - Waterproof
Touch Screen Control Panel
MechanicalPressure Reducing Valve for Inlet Water
Foot Pedal for Hot & Cold Water
Rinse for Table
Security Glass
Security Glass for Both Sides
Front Security Glass System with Hinges
Front Security Glass System with Hinges and Hydraulic Arm
Water & FormalinSink with Hot&Cold Water Faucet, Shower Type
Formalin Faucet
Formalin Sink
Fresh Formalin Container with Spigot
Formalin Dispensing System with Level Alarm
Waste Formalin Container with Spigot
Waste Formalin System with Level Alarm
AccessoriesDissection Board, White
Dissection Board, Blue
Magnetic Instrument Bar
Stainless Steel Ruler
Paper Dispenser
Glove Dispenser
Waste Disposer
Magnifier with Light
Task Lamp
UV Light
Arm System for Camera
Arm System for Monitor&Keyboard and mouse
CPU Stand
Dictation Stand
Splash Shield
Removable Trash Container
Strainer for Sink
Strainer for Formalin Sink

Available Features

304 quality stainless steel structure, thickness 1.2mm
316 quality stainless steel working table, thickness 2.0mm
External Fan Unit instead of Internal Fan

Technical Specifications
Electrical Features

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