Hospital have xylene and ethanol waste generated as the result of tissue processing and staining in the hospital’s histology laboratory evaluated via recycling technology and it is provide pollution prevention and also reduce the laboratory waste management cost and consumbles cost up to 90%.

Fractional distilation is a special type of distilation designed to separate mixture of two or more liquids that have diffrent boiling points. Fractional distilation method which is using all recycling system have restrictive points.The first one is it is not possible to separete xylene and alcohol mixture with this method. This cause three or more containers  from tissue processor and staining device can not be using in recycling process.  On the other hand the other problem is electrical consumption is also important, if you want high quality output  recycling processmust be long but it cause to spend too much electric. We consider all these points and Zenon Solvent recycler solved all mentionted problems with its unique features.

Less Workload
  • Full automation
  • Plug and work device.
  • Mobile Design
  • Process control on the screen.
  • Virtually Non- maintenance device
High Productivity
  • Possible to work at the same time xylene and alcohol.
  • Separate boiling tank provide non contamination.
  • Possible to recycling solvent mixture with optional separation module.
Safe the Money
  • Waste volume.
  • Decrease on consumables cost.
  • A Class Energy Saving.
User Safety
  • Pressure relief valve.
  • High temperature alarm and cut off the electric.
  • Solvent gas sensor to determinate any leakage on the device.
  • Good isolation provide cool surface
Quality Control
  • Provided with hydrometer to measure alcohol concentration.
  • Easy application to measure xylene concentration and all needed document is provided.
  • Possible to add different protocol according to customer needs.
  • Possible to recycling of acetone after adding its protocol
  • Possible to recycling of isopropanol alcohol after adding its protocol.
Optinal Accessories
& Consumbles
  • Mobile separation unit : Needed to separate solvent mixture before recycling process. Mobile separation unit allows to collect xylene and alcohol together and decrease non recycling waste amount.
  • Waste Container
  • Carbon Filter
Technical Specifications
Boiler Volume :12 literProcess Volume :8 liter
Avarage Distilation Rate :85-90%Distilation time (hour ) : 4 to 5 liter for Xylene 1 to 3 liter for Ethanol.
Ventilation :No neededMobileYes
Protocol Selection:YesTouch Screen:Yes
Certification:CEPower230v/ 50Hz
Envorimental Requirments:10-40CWeight:114 kg
Volts210 - 230kW:1

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