Formaldehyde is the one of the most chemically active compounds  which is discharged with untreated or just partically treated  wastewater. It is hazardous  for envoriment and humans. As long as formaldehyde cause toxic effect on envoriment  and living organism, it is necesarry to treat formalin waste before discharge. There are some methods for treatment of formalin: dilution method which is not sustinable when we consider we may have water war near future. Beside that most of hospital make an agreement with third company and they are collecting the formalin waste from laboratory and they apply incineration. We all know incineration method cause carbon footprint. The best envorimentally safe method is neutralization process, there are some formalin neutralization chemicals in the market which are applied by manual. Formalin is the most consumption chemicals in pathology labs for this reason manual neutralization process can not be realistic. In that point we focus on this solution we improved  Neutraform which  is a fully automatic treatment device  for 10% Neutral Buffer Formalin or %2 Gluteraldheyde waste.


Fully Automatic

  • Connect with four grossing station.
  • Automatically start neutralization process after loading neutralizer.
  • Automatic pH control and adjustment.
  • Automatic reaction process control

Continous Working

  • Waste module placed each working station under part and connect with formalin sink.
Less Workload
  • The waste formalin not need to transfer.
User Safety
  • Main tank over flow sensor electrical and mechanical.
  • Close system.
  • Fan and carbon filter in loading unit.
  • Mechanical over flow sensor in waste module.

Quality Control

  • After every cycle possible to get sample.
  • Treated waste pH control and fully automatic adjustment if needed.
  • Neutralization process control.
  • Barcode information for each neutralizer
  • Sava every cycle neutralization result

Fully Automatic

  • Just need to loading the neutralizer.
  • Follow up each step on screen.
  • Remote access is possible to provide easy technical support.


  • It is possible to use for 2% Glutaraldehyde
  • The device can grow up with your laboratory, additional waste module can be added later.

Optinal Accessories &Consumbles

  • Dissolved oxygen probe
  • Neutralizer 4,5 kg for  25 liter of 10% NBF treatment
  • Neutralizer 4,5 kg for 25 liter of 2% Glutaraldehyde  treatment
Technical Specifications
Tank Capacity: 25 Lt- Every cycle the device treat 25 liter of 10%NBF.
Neutralization process time : 30 min.
Touch Screen LCD.
Neutraform Dimension
Waste Module Dimension
Electrical DetailsVolts: 210 -230
Neutraform Is Part Of Formaldehyde Management System

Neutraform can provide with its own waste container and this container connect the grossing station, provide continuous working, not need any transport, storage area for waste formalin.


  • Firstly, the waste module place under the grossing station. The waste module connects with Neutraform and also grossing station formalin sink.
  • Waste container total amount 15 litres.
  • When the waste container reaches 10 litres the pump start automatically (gets information from level sensor on the device) and send When the Neutraform reaches 25 litres, it gives an alarm and the Neutralizer barcode number enter the device which writes on the Neutralizer bottle.
  • After barcode entrance, the user loading the chemicals with open the lid.  When, the user opens the lid the fan starts to work to prevent any inhalation problem while loading the neutralizer. Neutralizer is a kind of powder.
  • During the loading process, the device starts the mixing step. During the loading process the cap is close and the user not inhale any formalin.
  • The cap is open when the user closes the lid of loading unit.
  • The mixing process takes 15 minutes.
  • The incubation process takes 15 minutes.  The neutralization process finished but needs more oxygen to catch necessary dissolved oxygen amount.
  • For this reason, there is an air pump inside of the device and it also works 15 minutes.
  • After that the device check two parameters if you want, we can also add dissolved oxygen probe as optional.
  • During the neutralization process, the temperature must be increase and the ph must be reach 6-7 pH.
  • All these parameters would be acceptable the device send the neutralized waste directly to the waste and you can get a sample.
  • If the there is anything happened during this process and temperature not increase or pH not reach 6-7. The device gives an alarm and asked to the customer what you want to do.
    • There would be two option you can say okay send it anyway or you can take off non neutralized waste outside as manual.

The device not allowed to add waste formalin directly to the device without any grossing station or vented cabinet. It should be done via formalin sink.

Neutralizer mainly include sodium metabisulfite. Sodium metabisulfite is a chemical which is use in food sector as preservative and also use in water waste treatment process in many articles.

Yes you can observed. Generally, the enter of pH formalin waste is 4-6. After the reaction the pH reaches 6-7 and there won’t be any special smell. There is no formalin smell. There won’t be any colour and the waste clear.

The waste includes only %10 waste NBF formalin not include any additional chemicals. While the cleaning of grossing station the user must be careful and close the lid to formalin sink to prevent ant detergent inside.

If the reaction won’t happened you will be observed at below points:

  • If the user adds any acidic chemicals to the waste module, at the end of the reaction the would be sulfuric aside odor outside which is dangerous. The device has a smart software if you observed, pH as acidic as like 4,3,2. Please take you mask, gloves and protective goggles to take our non-neutralized chemicals outside as manual.
  • The neutralizer must be open before the loading process not previous. If the user opens the neutralizer before and not used the neutralizer will contact with air and this would be preventing a reaction of formalin and the user observed formalin odour because of non -reaction process.
  • The formalin must be collected separately if you give the waste to the third company for treatment process. The incineration process of formalin is different and its price is higher than other VOC (vapor organic chemicals).
  • If you give your chemicals to the third company it means you keep them a storage area which should be designed according to the chemical’s storage conditions.
  • According to the CAP accreditation rules the user also responsible when they will the waste to the third company. It means we have to know if it is really treated in suitable condition. Incineration method not a good method to treat of chemicals because it causes air pollution problem.

Thanks to the Neutralizer;

  • The user not inhale or contact formalin waste.
  • Formalin waste treated automatically.
  • Not need any more place for treatment process.
  • Most probably it would-be cost-effective solution when you compare with treated with third company.
  • Less workload, not transport and transfer of waste formalin any more.
  1. Neutralizer : The device only works with Zenon Neutralizer.
  2. Carbon filter : we recommend to replace every six months.

If the over flow happened in waste module because of clog in the line, the waste of formalin will overflow  from formalin sink and the user can observed that.

If the Neutraform is closed and waste module continue to send, the over flow will happen in grossing station formalin sink.

If the overflow happened in Neutraform side,Neutraform has two sensor as mechanical and level to prevent flow.

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