Fresh %10 Neutral buffer formalin preparation from 37% Formaldehyde and dispensing device is a fully automatic device to prevent inhalation problem. Using  Formadose create big advantages compare to ready to use formalin. Laboratory can get  fresh %10 Neutral Buffer Formalin in cost effective way with ten times less storage area and transport issue. In addition to that the laboratories have ten times less plastic  waste container which  help to save the world

Precise DosingHigh sensitive measurement method. – Pressure Transmitter
Additional measurement method using to check main
method works well.
Wave breaker inside.
±0.5% accuracy as ml
Less WorkloadNot need to carry fresh formalin any place.
Possible to purchase big container: 25 liter 37% formaldehyde
prepare 250 NBF.
Liquid buffer add automatically.
User SafetyQuick coupling connection to provide easy replacement.
Check valve in the line prevent any liquid separate during
the replacement.
Main tank over flow sensor mechanical and electrical.
Fan and carbon filter inside.
Quality ControlOnline pH follow up.
User FriendlyNot need any calibration, the device works with factory
Easy to use software, standard protocol available to prepare
10% NBF
Remote access is possible to easy and fast technical support.
FlexibilityIf needed possible to prepare different concentration.
Optinal Accessories
& Consumbles
Liquid buffer container
Spray gun
Solid salts as package for preparing 25 liter of
Neutral Buffer Formalin
100 test kit for 10% formalin measurement.
Foot pedal for each grossing station
Ready to Use
(10% Neutral Buffered Formalin)
Manual Preparation
(10% Neutral Bffered Formalin)
Fully Automated Formalin Preparation &
Dispensing Device (FormaDose)
Minimum inhalation and contact with formaldehydeExposure to formaldehyde may occur intensivelyMinimum inhalation and contact with formaldehyde for maximum safety
Exposure limits (Short Term Exposure Limit and Permissible Exposure Limit) may be exceededObtaining formalin directly from the faucet at the grossing station
ConsistencyReduce potential error by having stable results with ready to use solutionHave potential risks of user errors regarding preparation of formalinReduce potential error by having stable results with preparation of correct concentration
WorkloadFormalin containers must be transported to laboratory continuouslyEvery step must be performed by userEliminate manual process
Increase efficiency of your business
CostComparatively the most expensive optionIt is cheaper than ready to use formSignificantly reduce the cost by purchasing bulk packages of concentrated formaldehyde
Quality If formalin waits long time the formation of sediment welded from formalin residue may occur. Because of this it should be mixed before using If formalin waits long time the formation of sediment welded from formalin residue may occur. Because of this it should be mixed before usingUser always can prepare fresh solution
Automatic and manual mixing function prevents the formation of sediment welded from formalin residue
Cost Effectivity
RTU OptionFormadoseAdvantage of Formadose
The amount of formaldehyde for storage1000 Liter1000 LiterSignificantly available more empty space.
90% advantage
The amount of formaldehyde should be
transported from storage room to laboratory
1000 Liter1000 LiterLess workload. 90% advantage
Total Cost of 10% NBF (it is calculated as the
hospital will buy 10% NBF in 1 gallon boxes)
~8.000 USD~2.400 USD~5.600 USD
Technical Specifications
Tank Capacity: 100lt- The device not suitable to prepare less than 50 liter. If you are using less amount of formalin please contact with us for customise solution.
The device can feed multiple grossing stations.
Automatic mixing and possible to adjust the time to provide homogenous solution.
Electrical detailsVolts: 210 -230
kW: 1
Formaldehyde Managament System

Pathology labs use formalin in fixation step  and volume of fixative should be 15- 20 times the volume of the specimen  and  formalin must be use as 10% neutral buffered formalin.

The most widely used formaldehyde-based fixative for routine histopathology. Many epitopes require antigen retrieval for successful IHC following its use. Most pathologists feel comfortable interpreting the morphology produced with this type of fixative. Cost effective fixation.

But on the other hand formaldehyde exposure  to formaldehyde has been shown to cause cancer according to International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) is part of the World Health Organization (WHO) and National Cancer Institute

In that point  formaldehyde management system which include three devices are essential for all pathology labs because its provides close system there is no inhalation from beginning to  end. Formalin also dangerous for environment for this reason it is also important the formalin waste treatment process.

  • Prepare %10 fresh NBF with FORMADOSE
  • Use at GWS series GROSSING STATION
  • Treat with NEUTRAFORM

Close system with quick coupling connection. Contact with us how we can support you during the installation.


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