A Microincinerator you can touch!

Meet new safety regulations with a revolutionary Microincinerator!

After reaching a sterilization temperature of around 1000°C, loop and needle are sterilized in 2-4 seconds.

With it’s unique design the temperature of the exterior surface does not exceed 30ºC.*

Prevents aerosol formation

Heater resistance running with 12V

Sterilization unit is ca nbe easily replace from user.

Laboratory and User Safety

New safety regulations have meant that Microincinerators are increasingly replacing the traditional Bunsen burners that have long been fundamental to microbiology laboratories. Accordingly, CDC and WHO recommend using microincinerators in laboratories instead of Bunsen burners.

Microorganisms taken from liquid cause formation of aerosol in Bunsen Burner applications. Since this process is carried out in quartz tube in the Sirius micro Incinerator aerosol formation is completely inhibited.

When using biosafety cabinets contrary to bunsen burners, the filter system is not damaged and cabinet air flow not affected

Features & Advantages
  • During operation the exterior surface temperature of the
    device is 30ºC*
  • Maximum user security with heater resistance of 12V
  • Suitable for slide fixation and sterilization of culture tubes
  • Energy and environment-friendly design and minimum
    ensures power consumption
  • Operational adjustment as 270º
Technical Specifications
Main Input Voltage :220-240V, 50/60 Hz
Heater Operating Voltage:~11,5V Max.
Energy Consumption :0.15 kw/h
Quartz Glass Tube Dimensions :Ø 18 mm, lenght:100 mm
Sterilization Temperature:Energy Consumption :850ºC – 1100ºC
Time to Reach Sterilization Temperature :7-9 min.
Sterilization Duration :2-4 seconds
Surface Temperature of Device during Operation:30°C *
Weight :2800 gr
Dimensions :W107 x D236 x H269 mm

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