FFP3 NR meet EN 149:2001+A1 Respiratory Protective devices Filtreting Half mask to protect aganist particles requirments.

Outer LayerSpunbond fabric50 g/m²
Filter Layer IMelt-blown fabric50 g/m²
Filter Layer IIMelt-blown fabric30 g/m²
Filter Layer IIIMelt-blown fabric30 g/m²
Inner LayerSpunbond fabric30 g/m²
Ear BandElastan polyester170 mm
Nose ClipDouble wire PE material5 mm*90 mm
Standart TestTest nameResultEvaluation
EN 149:2001 +Total unward Leakage TestingPassFFP3
A1:2009 clause 8.5
EN 13274-1:2001
EN 149:2001 +Penetration of Filter MaterialPassFFP3
A1:2009 clause 8.11
EN 1327-7:2019
EN 149:2001 +Flammability TestingPassSee results
A1:2009 clause 8.6
EN 13274-4:2001
EN 149:2001 +Carbon Dioxide Content of The Inhalation Air TestingPassSee results
A1:2009 clause 8.7
EN 13274-6:2001
EN 149:2001 +
A1:2009 clause 8.9
EN 13274-6:2001
Breathing Inhalation Resistance-30 1/minPassSee results
Breathing Inhalation Resistance-95 1/min
EN 149:2001 +Exhalation Resistance, flow rate 160 1/minPassSee results
A1:2009 clause 8.9
EN 13274-3:2001

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